Top Must buy Daiwa fishing rods in 2020

In this article, I will be reviewing the best of Daiwa fishing rods that are manufactured and engineered by one of the largest spinning rods manufacturers.

Daiwa is one of the largest companies manufacturing spinning reel rods and fishing rods. Daiwa rolled out it’s first spinning reel rod during 1995. From there the journey of Daiwa’s started to grow.

It has its distribution center and sales center in the united states. Daiwa started with a very small facility in Culver city of California.

Today Daiwa manufactures and tackles throughout the united states, Canada, and South America.

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Daiwa focused more on quality and innovation with its products. Due to this reason, they have a long list of product features, great and innovative designs with their products.

All these rods are suitable for saltwater and freshwater. 

We have considered factors like the price, features, durability, and various other factors for these Daiwa fishing rods and brought the best of them that are at affordable pricing range. 

Daiwa fishing rods

1. Ardito- TR Daiwa ARDT763MHFS-TR

The Daiwa ARDT763MHFS-TR is a multi-piece travel rod that has great quality and sensitivity which makes it very easy to take along your road trips.

It comes with a Semi-hard travel case that will help you protect this fishing rod from ware and tare and external damages.

Daiwa calls it a V-flex ferrule joint system these v-flex ferrules bend along the fishing rod making the process smoother and powerful during the activity of fishing.

Carrying this on your bike rides is also convenient. works great for inshore saltwater, freshwater, and pier fishing applications.

The case is around 34 inches long and 3 inches around.



  • It also has an X-45 bias construction that will help prevent the twisting of the blank. Hence, this improves the overall strength, sensitivity, and hook setting power.
  • The material used with the manufacturing of Ardito-TR is High-value fiber graphite construction.
  • Comes with a Semi-hard travel case
  • It has a multi-piece travel design
  • Fuji aluminum oxide guides
  • The length of the rod is 7’6″
  • Comes with a 5-year warranty 


  • The length of the handle behind the reel is slightly short would be better if improved the length slightly 

Users Feedback:

This would easily fit in your car’s trunk easily without any hassle and also in your backpack. The rod is made out of very high-quality material. It comes with 3 pieces, it feels as solid and sturdy. This would be suitable for travel or local.

The semi-hard case is perfect to carry on the go to your trips and is also easy to sling over your shoulder and take anywhere you want to.

I caught plenty of reds or barracuda, 1 shark around 34″ and also 2 of the tarpon the rod performed flawlessly without any issues.

Definitely recommended for inshore and backcountry fishing. It does the job very well. These Daiwa fishing rods are great for absolute beginner. 

2. Daiwa ARDT703MFB-TR

This rod is very well made and looks great. The setting of this rod is quite a little complicated.

The pieces do not slide all the way down the ferrule’s, Never try to force them to seat all the way onto the next piece.

You just have to line the guides up and then apply a little pressure, and you will find them locking in perfectly.




At this price point, Daiwa is offering a great and high-quality fishing rod. Durability is never a problem.

The case also comes with dividers inside this is to ensure the pieces are not getting tangled. It can easily fit in your trunk and you can also carry it in your backpack on your trips.

It also comes with a feature to ensure that the rod does not fall out during casting. The action of this rod is fantastic, it fits perfectly in your hands and makes it very comfortable while fishing.

This rod can handle 8-17 lbs of line weight and is rated as medium. The product weighs around 136 grams.

When it comes to fishing accessories Daiwa is always superior to its products.


  • Fuji aluminum oxide guides
  • Multi-piece travel design
  • Easy to carry on bikes and fits in car trunks
  • Comes with a Semi-hard case for carrying
  • Well balanced

Users feedback

It feels great in hands and it’s one of my favorite rods. It has great sensitivity would highly recommend this rod. You will not be disappointed with buying this product.

When attached with the 20 lb braid and getting near the performance of an M spinning setup doing this will ensure great power and with this, you can do some really rough work.

3. Daiwa 0001-3793 ARDT703MHFS-TR Ardito-TR

The Daiwa ARDT703MHFS is great to pick when it comes to choosing the travel rod. The medium variant in these fishing rods is a solid one. You should definitely get a lighter power than what you are looking for.

We took this rod on our recent trip to Alaska for about a week for fishing of salmon. The overall performance of this rod was perfect and to our surprise, it worked flawlessly.

I was able to catch some nice silvers, sockeyes and large pinks with this rod.




We recommend you to get a medium action rod rated up to 17# mono. It has great sensitivity and power you will need for fishing.

It feels so light and premium when you hold it in your hand.

You can Buy this Daiwa fishing rod by clicking here

Can we use this for surfcasting?

upon our observation, this rod is slightly shorter for surfcasting. It would only cast 60- 70 yards but it is a great inshore rod for working the surf zone.

4. Daiwa ACIN681MLFB Aird Coastal Inshore

This fishing rod is designed for a smaller game with powerful and faster actions. The 9 spinning designs are rated from 6 to 12 pounds, 8 to 17 pounds, and 10 to 20 pounds.




The blanks for these fishing rods are constructed with Braiding-X technology that provides greater sensitivity and durability. Aluminum guides are used in the making.

The classic cork handle provides a firm grip and when it comes to appearance it does look and feel very premium. The pricing is very affordable when compared to the quality of the fishing rod Daiwa is providing.

This also comes with a 1-year limited warranty by the company. You can Buy this fishing rod by clicking here


  • Comes with 9 Spinning Designs
  • BRAIDING-X Technology Blank like current Aird-X Rods
  • Crisp and Light Weight Actions 
  • Comes with Cork Handles for better support
  • Extra Fast Action To Cover A Variety Of Inshore Techniques
  • Suitable for Fishing activity 

That’s all for the Daiwa fishing rods reviews. The above-mentioned are the best ones and we recommend these products if you are planning on fishing.

We appreciate your feedback and suggestions you may drop your message on our contact us page.




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