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This is Praful writing Blogs from somewhere in Bangalore.

Planet fish is one of my Hobby Blog that mainly focuses on fishes and aquatic animals.

I aim to offer my audience valuable articles on Fishes and Aquatic animals.

I’ve come a long way, so I know exactly which direction to take you with my Complete care guides and Informative articles.

Planet fish always keeps an eye on the latest ongoing trends related to Fishes, aquatic animals, and puts our audience’s wishes in the first place.

My idea is to provide content related to Fish-keeping, aquarists, Setup guides of an aquarium, Caring for your Aquatic pets, etc.

The interests of my audience are always the top priority for us, So I hope you will enjoy my blogs as much as I enjoy making them available to you.

If you write similar content and would like to get Featured or looking for Guest posts please drop me an email at admin@planetfish.org or use the Contact us page.

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