100 gallon fish tank- Complete Setup Guide

If you are planning on getting an Aquarium setup in your home or office, this guide on setting up of 100 gallon fish tank will help you set up a beautiful fish tank. Most of the aquarists often find it hard to set up their aquarium in the right manner.

It is very important to maintain all the optimum conditions to ensure fishes inside the aquarium lives a healthy and peaceful life. However, choosing the right tank mates in your aquarium plays a very crucial role.

Pairing the aggressive behavioral fishes with peaceful fishes is not recommended at all. Doing this will imbalance the aquarium environment making it hard for peaceful fishes.

Often beginners tend to make these mistakes at the very beginning and realize this mistake later. It is also recommended to make sure all the fishes inside the fish tank has an adequate amount of space to swim around.

Adding more number of fishes in less tank size will make it very unpleasant for these aquatic fishes and making it very hard for them to live.

Here is an Infographic!

100 gallon fish tank, 100 gallon fish tank setup

Visit the nearest aquarium store and get these required equipments

Pieces of equipment required

  1. 100 gallons fish tank capacity of Aquarium tank with a heavy top cover
  2. Water heater
  3. Water filter to purify water
  4. Decorations like Rocks, caves and live plants
  5. Aquarium lighting
  6. Fine, small gravel
  7. Thermocol sheet
  8. Chlorine neutralizer
  9. Siphon
  10. Medicines to fish diseases
  11. Aquarium stand
  12. Aquarium thermometer

100 gallon fish tank setup

Aquarium tank

Step 1:

Choosing the right place to set up your aquarium. Do not choose a place with direct sunlight. Maintain a distance of at least 5 to 6 inches between the wall and the fish tank. Make sure the stand has enough height and level.

Rinse the fish tank with fresh water to avoid and remove any dirt or dust. Place the thermocol sheet on the aquarium stand. This sheet will help the fish tank to maintain equal weight throughout the stand and improves its overall stability and support.

Make sure the size of thermocol sheet is larger than that of the fish tank. Carefully Place the fish tank on top of the Thermocol sheet covering all the bottom corners of the fish tank with the thermocol sheet.

Step 2:

Fill the tank with small gravel and strong-rooted live plants and place rocks, caves and other decorations you like. Ensure you are placing them in a decorative manner. You can also stick a beautiful sticker behind the fish tank this will enrich the looks.

Place a plate at the center of the aquarium and then start filling the aquarium with fresh water on top of the plate. Once you fill the water carefully remove the plate from the aquarium.

If your freshwater is chlorinated then add the chlorine neutralizer inside the water. This will neutralize the chlorine content.

Step 3:

Now, carefully install the heater inside the aquarium and set up the temperature required depending on the fish you are going to add-in. You can also buy and attach a thermometer with the setup.

The next thing should be to Installing of Aquarium filter pump. and slowly place the decorations you like such as Caves, driftwood, etc. Install the fish tank lighting with the Top cover for your 100 gallon fish tank.

Step 4:

Switch on all the pieces of equipment installed and wait for 5 to 6 hours of the period to stabilize the water conditions. Once you are done with it. Slowly add your fishes inside the aquarium tank.


Refill 3/4 of the aquarium water with fresh water once a week. You can use the siphon to remove the water out of the fish tank. Keeping the fish tank clean and neat is very necessary to provide a healthy and beautiful environment for your fishes.

Feed your fishes with a variety of foods. This will provide all the essential nutrients keeping them healthy. If in case you find your fishes weak and unhealthy.

Analyze the reason behind it and treat them with the right medicine. The diseases causing widely vary with the type of fish. Clean your 100 gallon fish tank completely after 3 weeks.

What is the size of a 100 gallon fish tank?

The dimensions of a 100 gallon fish tank are 72½” L x 18½” Wx 19 3/8″H. Although you can vary the dimensions as per your requirements. Try keeping a comfortable environment for the fishes.

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