10 Signs In Behavior Of Betta Fish Before Death

Betta Fish Behavior Before Death

A blog article about betta fish behavior before death. The article covers the signs of a Betta Fish nearing the end of its life, and how to prepare for when your betta fish dies. What are the signs to look out for that your Betta Fish is in Trouble? The signs to look out for … Read more

What Color Are Seahorses?

In this article, you will learn everything about the colorful seahorse, and the color changes. The seahorse is a small, vibrant species that can be found in the shallow waters of tropical or sub-tropical oceans. They are typically green, purple, and orange in color. Some seahorses have black stripes running down their back, while others … Read more

Seahorse: A Fascinating Creature

The sea horse is an incredible, beautiful creature. The world’s largest seahorse is the Pacific seahorse, and it can grow up to 18 inches in length! There are currently about 1,700 different species of seahorses known to man. Surprisingly enough, they’re considered a type of fish (despite their appearance). They get the name “sea horses” … Read more